count visitors
• with smartphones/tablets only
• manual or automatic

Due to the current Corona situation, many shops have to comply with strict visitor limits. Countee makes it possible to track these with a counter. In the manual mode, an employee records the incoming and outgoing visitors. In automatic mode, the system can control the entrance independently with two tablets.
The recorded numbers can also be published live on the website (each shop gets its own link for the website).



Manual recording of the visitors. An employee positions himself at the entrance/exit with a tablet / smartphone and records the people in the store using + and -. functionality


By means of cameras the visitors are counted by two tablets. functionality

for businesses as well as clients


Shops can record and monitor the number of guests on a device at the entrance using + and –


Guests can check on the website whether their favourite restaurant, club, fitness centre, etc. still has free capacity

for businesses

Swimminghall Uster
Airport Zürich, Observationdeck/Shop
Elektronic Shop

Outdoor pool Uster
Airport Zürich, Observationdeck/Shop

Countee is suitable for all public facilities:

For the fully automated solution, only two tablets (e.g. iPad), smartphones or computers with front camera (privacy) and Internet connection are required (one device for entry and one for exit), an installation device and barrier tape.

For the manual solution, an employee is required who checks visitors in and out with the counter by clicking on + or -.

Companies can register guests using the easy-to-use counter. This ensures that not too many guests are in the shop at the same time and that the BAG guidelines are observed. In addition, if desired, they can be linked on the intranet / their own website or on social media so that customers can call up the capacity still available.

Examples of use

  • Combination of manual and automatic counters in a store
  • Central input and output
  • Separate input and output
  • Open shop area
  • Multi-storey entrances

for customers

Before you make your way to the restaurant/club/bar/fitness you can check if there are still free places available.

Integration on your own website so that customers can see the available seats live.
Can also be integrated as a link


Digitec Shop St.Gallen
weekly market Schlossplatz in Aarau

Countee without automatic is free

Countee was created to make life easier for shops and customers in times of coronavirus and is free for all small businesses!

  • Basic

    • Visitors available online yes
    • Multiple inputs/outputs yes
    • Number of visitors up to 10 visitors
    • Automatic No
  • Pro

    • Visitors available online yes
    • Multiple inputs/outputs yes
    • Number of visitors unlimited
    • Automatic no
  • Automatic

    • Visitors available online yes
    • Multiple inputs/outputs yes
    • Number of visitors unlimited
    • Automatic yes

Help to ensure that as many businesses as possible use Countee:

Countee admission system / visitor counting system / droplet system / traffic light system is supported by:


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